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Sunday, 15 November 2015

What am I?

Good afternoon on this thoroughly miserable Sunday afternoon. It's the perfect weather for being locked in a craft room :)

I've just dropped by to let you know about a couple of new shows which will be on the air on Create and Craft on Tuesday 17th November. This time it will be Denise who will be trying to keep Keith under control as she demos a super new kit at 8.00 am with Howard (I haven't seen him for a while) and at 1.00 pm with Dean (!) (good luck with this one Denise:))
So, I have a little challenge for you all. Tell me what you think the subject of this kit might be, or even the title ;), and I will send the first person who gets the nearest correct answer a little Kanban gift from my own collection. The challenge will close at 10.00 pm tonight and I wish you all good luck! 

See you later x


  1. Will start you off think its to do with days gone by travel/

    1. Thanks for taking part Miss D. If you would like to contact me on enquiries @ partynightscreations dot co dot uk with your address I will get a little prezzie organised for you . Jackie x